Subject: Free book for Linux users from Apress
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 16:55:27 -0800
Greetings Linux User Group Members:

My name is Hollie and I work for a computer publishing company in 
California called Apress ( 

I would like the chance to offer to you, a free book called "Linux in 
Business, A Practical Users Guide" by John Lathrop. "Linux in Small
Business: A Practical User's Guide" shows non-Linux users and 
how to achieve immediate savings in almost any office environment by
integrating Linux into their daily operations as a server-Internet, 
file and
print, Web, e-mail, database-and as a non-Linux-compatible workstation. 
Highlights from this title include:

	~Written for the non-Linux user, administrator, and student
	~Scenario-based, step-by-step approach to Linux deployment 
	~Uses a GUI approach to installation, set-up, use, and
	~Author John Lathrop's site,, will contain
pre-written configuration files for easy download 

John began experimenting with Linux in the pioneering days of 
(1996), as a result of frustrations endured while administering a Web 
on a remote UNIX server from a PC running Windows 95 via a dial-up
CompuServe connection. He has been a Linux consultant and author since 
and he now pushes the Linux operating system and consults from his home 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has worked in computer training for many 
primarily overseas, and retains an interest in the developing world. 

All I ask in return for the free book is your feedback. If you can post 
review on your user group website, I'll send you a free 
Apress t-shirt. It is important to us at Apress that we reach the 
readers.... there's no better place that user groups, right?
Please send me your mailing address and a contact phone number (for 
purposes) so when the book arrives later this month, I can send a copy 
to you. We will not by any means sell your information to anyone.

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Oh, you can also register your 
group on our site to receive free info, t-shirts, and prizes for 
raffles at
your meetings.

With Kind Regards,
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