Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 18:40:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Mike Swier <>  
Subject: Re: LUG freebies from Caldera
To: Paul Hatch <>

Please send me these.  I will pass them out and ask
them to email me a review of it.  We do not have a
newsletter but I can put them on our web site.  
In the last few months we have between 12 and 20
people show up to a meeting.

Our postal address on your user group web page is
correct except it needs William Rainey Harper College
at the top.  The street address and etc are correct.

Please let me know of any other ways we can work

--- Paul Hatch <> wrote:
> Hello Mike,
> I'd like to know if your user group would be
> interested in receiving
> free copies of Caldera OpenLinux 2.3. These could be
> used at LinuxFests,
> InstallFests or just as handouts at your meetings.
> The number of copies
> sent would depend on group size, but it wouldn't be
> skimpy.
> As part of the deal I would ask that you include a
> review of the product
> in your group newsletter or something similar.
> If you'd be interested, please email me back. I
> would send to your
> postal address listed on our user group Web page
> (
> unless I heard
> otherwise.
> Thanks,
> Paul Hatch
> LUG liaison for Caldera
> --
> --------------------------------------------------
>  Paul Hatch
>  Caldera Systems, Inc.
>  phone: 801.765.4999, ext. 5811  fax: 801.765.1313
> --------------------------------------------------

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